Let’s make cleaning fun!

Here are some ideas that you could do as a family to help around the house as well as alleviate boredom. A win, win all round.

It is entirely up to what activities you choose and how much you want your child/children to participate in.

Putting away clean clothes     This is a great job for exploring a range of mathematical possibilities. Matching and sorting socks using size colour and pattern would be a great start.

Cleaning and tidying       Putting things away will involve a degree of matching and categorising. It can also lead to some great conversations.  Even something as simple as having a go with the vacuum cleaner and then talking about how it works will be fascinating for many young children.

Washing the car     This is a great sensory experience for young children. It’s rich in physical movements and often leads to some great water play too.

Sorting out the kitchen cupboards       Helping sorting out the kitchen cupboard is a great activity for getting children involved. It will often lead naturally into talk about likes and dislikes and using different senses.

These are simple, straightforward activities, but with each occurs learning possibilities if taken the time to use them as a shared experience.

Simple shared experiences that are not technology exciting but are full of meaningful learning potential.

Have fun!