A typical day as a Busy Bee

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What is a Busy Bee?

The Busy Bee children are all over 3 years old and are due to start primary school the following September. They will do more focused activities compared with the children in the Caterpillar room. It is important for the Busy Bees to gain a little independence in preparation for school. The teaching of the EYFS for the Busy Bees covers the 7 areas of learning.

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  •  9.00am Children arrive at Noah’s Ark and are welcomed into the setting by a member of the Busy Bees team.  The children take off their coats, with a little help if needed.  They find their name card on the table and post it into the box. We then have carpet time where the register is taken.  We talk about the weather and count together how many children are in today.  We update our calendar and talk about the activities and resources we have available. 
  • 9.15am The children will have free play.  They are able to move freely between activities and areas.  There will always be a book area, home corner, maths activity,  painting, a craft activity, mark making, construction, small world and physical area.  The activities will vary but these areas are always covered.  There will be an adult focused activity each day where the adult will encourage and extend the children based on their next steps. 
  • 9.55am Getting ready for the garden.  Children are reminded to use the toilet if they need to (the toilets are always accessible, however we always remind them before going into the garden!)  The staff encourage the children to attend to their own toileting needs but are there for any help needed and to remind children to wash and dry their hands! Children will find their coats.  They are encouraged to’ have a go’ at putting on their own coats and doing buttons or zips ready for school.  We are always on hand to help out with this.
  • 10.00am Garden time.  The children go into the garden every day. Unless the weather is particularly bad, in which case we will have music and movement or ring games in the hall to get the children moving. The children have books and seating, chalk for mark making on the floor, a mud kitchen with sink and play food, water and sand play, construction toys, a slide, balls, stilts, prams and dolls. These again with be changed depending on the interests of the children and adult focuses.
  • 11.00am Children will return from the garden and are again encouraged to take off and hang up their coats.  4 or 5 children will go to wash their hands and sit for snack with an adult.  Snack will be fruit or vegetables with either a cracker and cheese, bread sticks, toast, crumpets, bread and butter.  There is always a choice in fruit and vegetables.  The children have a choice of milk or water to drink.  When they are finished the children are able to go and free play again. 
  • 11.30am The children and staff put away the toys into the boxes.  We encourage children to work together with each other and to enjoy the responsibility of carrying out small tasks.  
  • 11.40am Children sit on the carpet as a group to listen to a story or two.  We end the day with songs. We talk about the day and give out any work the children are taking home.
  • 11.55am Children find their bags and coats and line up.
  • 12.00am Parents arrive and a teacher will call out each child’s name one at a time to go home.

These timings are not exact or overly rigid, but it does help the children to have a routine.

If you have any questions about your children’s learning and development, please contact us by email – info@noahspreschool.org or phone – 020 8505 5828. We are happy to discuss any concerns or queries you may have.