Am I ready for school?

tips for parents

When your child starts primary school there are a number of skills that they should ideally have mastered. Use this sheet as a guide to help track their progress – but please remember every child is different. You may also be interested to read this article from – parents guide to school readiness.
If you have any concerns about your child’s development, please speak to your child’s key person.


  • I know when to wash my hands
  • I can wipe my nose
  • I can ask for help if I don’t feel well


  • I am happy to be away from my mummy, daddy or main carer
  • I am happy to tidy my belongings & look after my things
  • I am feeling confident about starting school

Speaking & Literacy

  • I am interested in reading stories & looking at picture books
  • I am able to talk about myself, my needs & feelings
  • I am practising recognising my name when it’s written down

Sharing & turn taking

  • I can share toys & take turns
  • I can play games with others
  • I can interact with other children

Getting dressed & undressed on my own

  • I can button & unbutton my clothes
  • I can put my own shoes & socks on
  • I can put my coat on & use a zip

Listening & Understanding

  • I am able to sit still & listen for a short while
  • I can follow instructions
  • I understand the need to follow rule

Interest in the world & new activities

  • I enjoy learning about the world around me
  • I am interested in exploring new activities or environments
  • I like asking questions

Counting skills

  • I enjoy practising counting objects
  • I like saying number rhymes & playing counting games
  • I can recognise some numbers when they are written down


  • I can use a knife & fork
  • I can open my packed lunch on my own
  • I am confident at opening wrappers & packaging

Writing skills

  • I like tracing patterns & colouring in
  • I enjoy experimenting with different shaped scribbles
  • I am practising holding a pencil

Going to the toilet

  • I can go to the toilet on my own, wipe myself properly & flush
  • I can wash & dry my hands without any help


  • I have practised putting on my uniform & getting ready to leave on time
  • I have a good bedtime routine, so I’m not feeling tired for school
  • I’m learning to eat at the times I will on school days