COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Policy UPDATED

COVID-19 Policy update   June 2020.

This is an update to our COVID-19 policy previously written up in March 2020.

Staff and children are to use hand sanitiser as they enter the Pre-School.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, any child showing symptoms, such as a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; loss of taste or smell, the following sequence of actions need to be taken:

  1. Child presents with symptoms; parents are requested to collect child and seek diagnosis from GP or take further advice from NHS 111
  2. Child’s parents are requested to inform setting of outcome/diagnosis and keep the child at home for recommended exclusion period.  For cases of suspected Coronavirus, staff and service users must adhere to current government advice regarding self-exclusion even if no symptoms are present
  3. For confirmed cases of a notifiable disease and Coronavirus, the setting must contact their local Health Protection Team (HPT) as soon as possible for further guidance.  The line manager will inform the committee/trustees and retain a confidential record
  4. Acting on the advice of the local HPT, the setting will either:
  5. Close for a set period and undertake a deep clean
  6. Carry on as usual but also undertake a deep clean
  7. If a notifiable disease is confirmed, staff must inform the line manager immediately and Ofsted must be informed within 14 days.  Cases of confirmed Coronavirus should be treated as a notifiable disease
  8. A deep clean is undertaken at the soonest opportunity following any illness outbreak.  Hand hygiene messages are reinforced and staff are vigilant to any further signs of infection
  9. The manager continues to liaise with the HPT as required and keeps a full record of children affected, how long they are away from the setting and the date on which they return

Additionally, if any member of the child’s family has suspected Coronavirus, we ask the child to remain at home until a negative test can be provided. (Under 5’s are now eligible for testing).

If any member of the child’s family have a confirmed case of Coronavirus, we ask that the child remains away from Pre-School for 14 days.

If any member of staff has a suspected case of Coronavirus, they will need be tested and provide a negative result, before they are allowed back to work.

For any confirmed case of Coronavirus, all persons (children & staff) within that ‘bubble’ would need to stay away from Pre-School for 14 days.

Temperatures will be taken from each child at the door, any child who shows that they have a temperature will not be allowed into Pre-School and will not be able to return until well enough.  We may request documentation from a medical professional to confirm this.

Temperatures will be taken again during the session.  Any child showing a temperature will need to be collected straightaway. The child will be kept away from all others with one member of staff from the bubble until collected.

Children from each bubble will not be required to social distance within their groups. They will not be able to ‘play’ with those from another bubble.

Our bubbles will consist of 8 children maximum and 2 members of staff.

Once our bubbles have been decided, neither the children, nor the staff can be swapped around. The management team have the final say who is in each bubble.

If a parent wishes to put their child on the register to be placed into a bubble, they can change their mind at a later date if they prefer for their child to stay home. They will be removed from the register, they will not be able to change their mind again.

A parent cannot decide at a later date to access a place in a bubble.  Bubbles will be allocated and that is how they will remain.  If a child drops out, they will not be replaced with another child.

All staff members must remain 2 metres from each other, even those in a bubble together.

When lining up to drop off and collect your child, we expect all parents to adhere to the social distancing rules set out by the Pre-School.   Any parent who does not adhere to the rules will be asked to leave if the child is at the setting or still waiting to be collected.  If being collected we will ask for another family member to collect.

Children are only to bring in one set of spare clothes in a rucksack style bag.  The bag will remain at Pre-School unless necessary to hand back.

No food, drink or toys will be permitted into Pre-School. They MUST remain at home.

Parents, carers, advisors and other family members will not be able to enter the Pre-School. This includes staff members family too.

Only staff members working that day are allowed to use the car park.

Parents are not allowed to use the car park at any time.

Any child or staff member who has an underlying condition will need a healthcare plan either reviewed or completed before starting back at Noah’s Ark Christian Pre-School.

Any child who cannot adhere to the boundaries set may be asked to be collected early.  A risk assessment will then be made regarding that child and an over the phone meeting with the parent(s) would be held to discuss their child’s future attendance.