This is the United Kingdom.  It has four countries.  England (where we live), Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Can you point to England?

Here is flag for the United Kingdom.  Most people call it the Union Jack.

A long time ago, (1939 to 1945) there was a big war.  The United Kingdom and lots of other countries sent soldiers off to fight in the war.  It was a very difficult and sad time.

When the soldiers went off to fight, some children had to move away from their families and live in the countryside. 

         8th May 1945

On the 8th May 1945, the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill told everyone that the war was over.

Everybody was happy that the war was finished. People had big parties in the street.  They danced and waved flags and shared food with their neighbours.

Every year on 8th May people celebrate VE Day.

Will you be doing anything special to celebrate?