Special Project

We are currently fundraising to improve our garden.

The garden is long, fairly narrow and to be honest boring! (See picture below) Yes, the children quite like to ride scooters and cars up and down the garden for a while, but every day?

They need more stimulation from the garden area and we have plans!!

Step One: Wooden fencing to be attached to the railings. Fencing needs to be strong enough to have signage and other items attached to it. COMPLETE

garden fencing

Step Two: Create an inviting, exploratory space that the children can learn through play in. Easier said than done! So, what do we need?

Equipment to be purchased/donated

  • Set of large weighing scales that can be attached to the fence
  • Signage
  • Funnels
  • Small watering cans
  • Bendy plastic tubing
  • Rollers and paint brushes
  • Kitchen items – preferably that can be left outside
  • Trowels (small)
  • Brooms (small)
  • Crates
  • Outdoor mirror
  • Large planter
  • Metal rack/trolley
  • Storage
  • Mud kitchen units

This is not an exhaustive list.

I would like to buy something from the list above:

That’s great! Thanks very much. BUT, due to the fact that we are a Pre-School and have to ensure that all equipment we use is suitable for our children, it is necessary for us to purchase items carefully. We often buy from places that are specifically for schools and individuals cannot make purchases from them. So it may be that the best thing to do is ask how much an item is and give us that money – we can then make the purchase. We will of course contact you once the item you have bought has arrived.

I would like to donate money to the garden project & I don’t mind if it is not spent on something from the list above:

That’s great, too! Thanks very much. This means we can use your money to pay for a handy person to come in and help us with something like attaching things to the fencing and maintenance jobs.

How do I donate money?

Take a look at the ‘Ways you can support us‘ page.