A guide to returning after lockdown

ARRIVING   You will be given a time to arrive.  We will be staggering the arrival of children to ensure social distancing.  If you do not arrive on time, then your child will not be granted access.

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Each child should be accompanied by 1 adult – no other persons, including siblings. Parents/carers will not be allowed access to the building. 

Please queue with your child, keeping 2 metres apart from others at all times.  Your child will be called by their teacher to come in.

NO TOYS/NO FOOD    No toys from home will be allowed into the building.  We have carried out a strict cleaning regime and all toys used will be regularly cleaned.  Toys from home will undo our hard work.

We will continue to provide snack for the children, but as usual we will not allow children to bring food or drink in.  This has always been an issue due to allergies.

Please provide a single change of clothes in a rucksack style bag, in case of any minor accidents.

SMALL GROUP   Your child will be in a small group and will not mix with other groups.  Each group will have 2 teachers.  These teachers will remain with their allocated group and will not be changed. The children will be allowed to play with the children in their group and will not be kept distanced from each other.

DIVIDED SPACE   Each group will be given a prepared space to play and learn in with their 2 teachers.  Neither children or adults will be permitted to go into another group’s designated space. Each group will have their own resources and equipment.  This will not be shared with other groups.  Each group will have their own supply of tissues, wipes, first aid supplies, etc. Staff will regularly clean throughout the session.

ACTIVITIES   We will not be able to offer some of our regular activities.  For example, we will not be having playdough, sand, water play or soft toys.  This is because these things are the most difficult to clean and we are unable to continually replace them throughout the session.

STAY HOME   Your child must stay at home for 7 days if they have a temperature or a new cough. Your child must stay at home for 14 days if someone else in their household has a temperature or new cough. We will take your child’s temperature on the way in and again during the session.

WASH HANDS   Children and adults must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer throughout the session.  Please be aware that the hand sanitizer contains alcohol – let us know if your child cannot have this.

TRANSPORT   Please do not use public transport to get here.  We will be closing the car park to all vehicles, other than staff cars.  This is to allow us to maintain distance at drop off and pick up times.  The car park gate will be the only way to exit – on foot only.